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The Collective Houses - 7th through 12th


The House of Higher Education, Distant Lands,
Travel, Philosophy, Dreams, and Visions

Mutable QualityFire ElementSagittariusJupiter

     The 9th house, a Cadent house, is the house of Travel, Religion, and Philosophy and is naturally associated with the Masculine Sagittarius, a Mutable Fire sign, and its ruler is the Wise Jupiter.

  The 9th house is the field of long range goals, planning, and long distance travel.  Matters of profound mental interest, including religion, philosophy and higher education are 9th house affairs.  Also associated with the 9th house are journeys to far off places and searches for new horizons, both physically and mentally.

24 Degrees and 51 Minutes

Capricorn in the 9th House explained...

     As with the 8th house, Capricorn is naturally associated with the Feminine, is a Cardinal Earth sign, and its ruler is the Teacher Saturn. 

     The influence of Capricorn in the 9th house shows a conservatism associated with ideas and abstract thought.  Before changing any of my views I have to be shown convincing evidence supporting such a change; at my age now I have spent considerable time formulating my beliefs.

     My approach to spiritual life is somewhat the traditional orthodox although the mystical side is quite intriguing the more I age.  I tend to travel only when it serves a useful purpose, usually associated with family and/or business.

     The planet Saturn rules Capricorn and this is the planet of restriction and devotion to duty.  Saturn ruling the 9th house implies responsibility associated with publicity or recognition.  The call to duty with this placement can be very strong and the weight of recognition very heavy.

05 Degrees, 57 Minutes, and 03 Seconds

The Moon in the 9th House explained...

     The Motherly Moon naturally rules the Feminine Cancer, a Cardinal Water sign, and is placed in Masculine Aquarius, a Fixed Air sign whose ruler is the Illuminating Uranus.

     The 9th house in which the Moon is placed at birth is the sector that my feelings and emotions will be most apparent.  It's here I react unconsciously and as I have been conditioned in my upbringing.  Often this placement will give some clue about the activity that occurs on my domestic scene.

     The Moon in the 9th house gives me a very receptive and imaginative mind.  I am a dreamer and a thinker and many of my ideas provoke change to the status quo.  My beliefs are strong and sincere, but nonetheless, I frequently change my mind if the situation changes.

     I have a variety of interests and hobbies and I enjoy imparting the knowledge I have accumulated on these subjects to others.  There is an innate purposefulness in this placement which makes me want to guide and direct those less enlightened than myself.

     The Moon's position in my chart is almost as important as the Sun's, but the influence is different.  The moon is my emotional life.  It relates to immediate emotional responses.  It's those reactions instilled by conditioning; the memory and learned habit patterns.  The influence of the Moon is more subtle, for it relates to personality beneath the surface; my feelings and my unconscious Self.  It shows how I react to those around me based on the sum of my conditioned viewpoint and unguarded self-projection.  Often, the Moon's place in the chart shows a considerably different side of the nature, a side fostered by emotions, upbringing, and habit patterns that have developed over time - balancing this dynamic is crucial to becoming the whole person I seek to be.

Aquarius Moon
Aquarius Moon explained...

  At my birth my Moon was at 05 degrees, 57 minutes, and 03 seconds. An Aquarius Moon produces reactions which are progressive, but often erratic. My friends may consider me unusual and unpredictable. My imagination is fertile and it produces a lot of creative energy; sometimes excessively so.

  Sometimes I seem eccentric and unconventional in my responses to everyday problems. I am very broad-minded and imaginative, but at times likely to be somewhat impractical and perhaps lacking in common sense, or so it may seem. I consider most of what I do as bending towards a utilitarian level, even if many of my ideas are a bit idealistic and outside the mainstream. I have a universal quality that places me somewhat ahead of my time. I am an interesting conversationalist and a fascinating person I have been told more than once and can be a good friend if I choose.

  Sometimes I enjoy a good confrontation now and then and really don't want things to go too smoothly. A little on the high-strung side, I don't like things to get too routine and boring. The quickest way to end a relationship for me is to have the other person begin to take me for granted and cease to challenge me in a variety of ways. Stubborn, brusque, and willful, I have difficulties in some of my relationships due to the insensitive attitude I so often reflect towards my partner's feelings. As a side note, women born with Moon in Aquarius are very demanding of a relationship that is entirely "equal" and as age and luck have served me, my feminine side has made her presence felt quite rightfully. Even during the best of times, I may demand the freedom to come and go as I please. Possessiveness makes me feel trapped but the noose is loosening. Casual companions and relationships are comfortable for me because they do not impose so many demands.

  My Aquarius Moon may make me seem to be too impersonal or detached for many with whom I come in contact. I am good at observing and analyzing others, but at times I may lack a true understanding of the needs and feelings that other people have. I am generally friendly to all, but in a rather impersonal, cool, and aloof way. This position overemphasizes friendliness and humanitarianism, but can miss the mark in one to one emotional relationships; luck and age here have served well in improving this troublesome quality of mine. I may seem cold because I have difficulty understanding the real emotions of another person.

  Moon in Aquarius is apt to have given me a special concern for humankind. Often, the placement denotes someone who has very fixed and determined humanitarian instincts; one who participates in activities directed toward the poor or homeless. I relate well to humanity, if not always to individuals.

  The physical home is not especially important to me as I have been deemed a Wanderer, a Bohemian, and a Minimalist and I may change my residence often or have rather unconventional living arrangements. Some may describe my lifestyle as a little off the beaten trail.


The Moon Squared with the Sun explained...

     Squares occur when two planets are approximately 90 degrees apart.  Squares cause the friction and the hurdles that causes us to grow and become productive.

     The square formed between the Moon and Sun shows conflict in certain aspects of my life.  Self-expression is blocked by emotional hang-ups or habitual patterns that may be inherited or conditioned by my past events.

     Family and domestic affairs keep me from developing the way I would rather at times but I manage to balance by taking my time and being somewhat selfish.  The conditions in my early family environment have caused deeper difficulties in understanding and getting along with women than I would care for but my second half of life learning has assisted greatly.  In relationships I can be too argumentative and defensive.  I need to keep working on getting my monkey off my back sometimes.

     This aspect suggests a conflict between my ego and my emotions.  There is a presence of tension between my outer and inner selves. 

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