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The Collective Houses - 7th through 12th


The House of Career and Mother

Cardinal QualityEarth ElementCapricornSATURN

     The 10th house, an Angular house, is the house of Career, Reputation, and Prestige and is naturally associated with the Feminine Capricorn, a Cardinal Earth sign, and its ruler is the Teacher Saturn.

  The 10th house is the sector of worldly attainment.  This field denotes just how I present myself to the public at large and how I'll be remembered.  It deals with the profession, offices held, and reputation.  The house also relates to affairs of the state or of other large scale operations.

UranusAquarius Moon
18 Degrees and 37 Minutes

Aquarius in the 10th House explained...

     Aquarius is naturally associated with the Masculine, is a Fixed Air sign, and its ruler is the Illuminating Uranus. 

     The Aquarius influence in the 10 house denotes an original and inventive approach to the career and life work.  Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is the planet of change, freedom, humanity, and rebellion.

     I often have new and ingenious ideas to present the public.  I am a team player and function well as a part of a team.  My goals are likely to be stated in advance and my aim will be accomplishments producing publicly useful results especially where my family and friends are involved.

     The 10th house Aquarius personality is inclined to a public life.  I may be involved in many humanitarian ventures if I am in touch with that part of my nature at the time.  Yet, I am likely to feel a real sense of reluctance to the "glare" connected with public recognition.

     There is a natural reluctance in my personality to risk-taking in my career objectives.  This must be overcome to achieve true success and measure up to my potential.  I must be willing to take chances.  No matter what career I choose, my special inventive quality will be stamped on the end product.

10 Degrees and 37 Minutes Retrograde

Saturn in the 10th House explained...

     The Teacher Saturn naturally rules the Feminine Capricorn, a Cardinal Earth sign, and is placed in Feminine Pisces, a Mutable Water sign whose ruler is the Inspirational Neptune.

     Saturn's place in my chart highlights the area in which I am likely to shoulder heavy responsibilities and encounter obstacles.  Saturn is the planet of restrictions and limitations and its position marks the spot where difficult challenges will be met.  This is the house in which my management abilities are tested.

     Saturn in the 10th house of the career and of public acclaim denotes strong career or status needs and the drive to achieve success in a profession.  This is especially true after the first transit of Saturn that occurs in the 29th year.  This position gives farsighted organizational and managerial ability with the quest for authority and power.  This placement sometimes creates a Napoleonic complex or dictatorial attitudes.


Saturn Trined with the Sun explained...

     A trine occurs when two planets are approximately 120 degrees apart.  Trines bring about ease and comfort.

     A trine formed between Saturn and the Sun allows me to accept and handle responsibility.  Difficult times in my life result in minimal struggle most of the time.

     I inherently know how to react to problems and take advantage of counteracting opportunities.  I have ambitions although these are not very strong.

     Most of the time I attain success by doing what is right and when the time is right.  Somehow I bring a sense of stability to nearly every situation if I put my energy into it.

     Life is not always a basket of roses, and sometimes I get depressed and deflated.  Yet I can always get reorganized and back on the right track soon enough. 

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