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The Collective Houses - 7th through 12th


The House of Hopes, Wishes,
Ideals, and Friendships

Cardinal QualityEarth ElementCapricornSATURN
Fixed Quality Air ElementAquariusUranus

     The 11th house, a Succedent house, is the house of Friends, Associations, and Ideals and is naturally associated with the Masculine Aquarius, a Fixed Air sign, and its ruler is the Illuminating Uranus.

  The 11th house is associated with the achievement toward goals and objectives.  Often it is called the house of hopes and wishes.  Humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises, clubs, groups, associations and the sharing of ideals is emphasized here.  People that help me, friends, connections, and influence relate to this house. 

19 Degrees and 04 Minutes

Pisces in the 11th House explained...

     Pisces is naturally associated with the Feminine, is a Mutable Water sign, and its ruler is the Inspirational Neptune. 

     The influence of Pisces in the 11th house suggests a bond of loyalty and sympathy between friends.  I am the type of person who puts loved ones on a pedestal and expect them to be bending towards perfect.  Or, I can be the sort that puts them on a pedestal and refuses to see any fault that may exist.  So doing, I set myself up for disillusionment when they let me down, but luck and age have served me well in this view.

     I would give the shirt off my back to a friend in need.  I expect such friendships in return.  I am especially sensitive to slights should they ever occur. These relationships are extremely important to my well-being. I am a very generous person who understands the true meaning of charity.  I am very idealistic and maintain a positive attitude toward friends and associations.  This is thanks to the rose-colored glasses that I wear, cutting the glare of harsh and unpleasant reality.


Aries in the 11th House explained...

     Aries is naturally associated with the Masculine, is a Cardinal Fire sign, and its ruler is the Aggressive Mars. 

     The influence of Aries in the 11th house shows that I can be active in associations, clubs, or other such organizations.  I attract a wide and varied circle of friends.  These relationships generally are not close or lasting and I enjoy the company while refraining from becoming too closely involved; I am more the Sergeant at Arms kind of guy.

     Ties are often broken only to be reformed later.  I have the gift of sociability and I make the most of my contacts.  Often friends are key to helping me attain my goals. 

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