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The Collective Houses - 7th through 12th


The House of Confinement, Occult Study, Secrets, Restricted Things, and Hidden Part of Life

Mutable QualityFire ElementSagittariusJupiter
Mutable QualityWater ElelmentPiscesNeptune

     The 12th house, a Cadent house, is the house of the Hidden and Unconscious and is naturally associated with the Feminine Pisces, a Mutable Water sign, and its ruler is the Inspirational Neptune.

  The 12th house is the field of the unconscious mind, of problems stemming from unseen causes and limitations.  This area relates to behind the scene maneuvering, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, and problem areas to overcome.  This house gets away from the mainstream of life and lets the soul step back and take a look at the world.  On the mundane level, the 12th is the house that takes individuals away from everyday life.  Its associations include prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove one from society.


Taurus in the 12th House explained...

     Taurus is naturally associated with the Feminine, is a Fixed Earth sign, and its ruler is the Beautiful Venus. 

     The influence of Taurus in the 12th house denotes more concern about financial affairs than my happy-go-lucky demeanor would imply.  Past occurrences, stored in my unconscious, are collected and prey on my nervous system.  It's challenging for me to feel comfortable about my security and financial stability.  This is an emotional source of unconscious fears and apprehension.


Gemini in the 12th House explained...

     Gemini is naturally associated with the Masculine, is a Mutable Air sign, and its ruler is the Messenger Mercury. 

     With Gemini residing in the 12th house I do my best thinking when I am alone.  I can think of many clever ideas when alone with my thoughts.  It is difficult to get my thoughts and ideas to come out when I am around people.

     The Gemini association with my early family affairs suggests that some of my difficulties stem from relations with my family although luck and age have "ironed that shirt."  Although I need roots and security I have not found it manageable to live with or near my brother and sister and other close relatives; as I age I hope to change this troublesome situation.

     I  like to discuss my emotional problems while keeping my ideas and plans secret.  I operate on my instinctive urges and my unconscious mind rather than from my reason. I can be impressionable with my objective and practical mind buried beneath my subjective and irrational impulses.  Becoming a whole person requires me to find balance in my conscious and unconscious contributions to my life.

Mutable QualityFire ElementSagittariusJupiter
Mutable QualityWater ElelmentPiscesNeptune

Mutable QualityAir ElementGeminiMercury
05 Degrees and 00 Minutes

North Node - The Dragon's Head

     My North Node of the Moon, the Dragon's Head, resided at 05 degrees and 00 minutes in Gemini which is in a state of Exaltation (03 degrees); a sense of a second home or dignity of position in the Heavens.  This also creates a state of Exaltation for my South Node of the Moon, the Dragon's Tail, which resided at 05 degrees and 00 minutes in Sagittarius in my 6th House, the House of Learning.

This concludes my "Outer Me" natal chart reading

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