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The Personal Houses - 1st through 6th


The House of Employment and Health

Mutable QualityEarth ElementVirgoMercury

     The 6th house, a Cadent house, is the house of Learning and is naturally associated with the Feminine Virgo, a Mutable Earth sign, and its ruler is the Messenger Mercury.

     The 6th house is the field of service.  Subjects here revolve around work and health matters.  Duties, practical responsibilities, and mundane tasks are affairs of this house, as are relations with employees and coworkers.  My degree of interest in health and fitness matters is likely to be shown here.

Cardinal QualityAir ElementLibraVenus
28 Degrees and 48 Minutes

Libra in the 6th House explained...

     Libra is naturally associated with the Masculine, is a Cardinal Air sign, and its ruler is the Beautiful Venus. 

     The influence of Libra in the 6th house shows one cooperative, tactful, and diplomatic in the work place.  Pleasant and harmonious working conditions are essential for my well-being.  If I don't enjoy my work, it's impossible for me to do my best job.

     I may sympathize with union principles because of your sense of fair treatment for all.  In this regard, I am well equipped to become an arbitrator and finder of solutions to people's differences in opinion.  If I work in a discordant situation, I may become physically ill for no apparent reason.

     Health problems also may arise because of a tendency to consume too much rich, sweet food.  This, with another tendency to be a little on the lazy side and not spend enough time exercising.

 Fixed Quality Fire ElementLeo SUN
Fixed QualityWater ElelmentScorpio SunMarsPluto

08 Degrees, 29 Minutes, and 32 Seconds

Sun in the 6th House explained...

     Fatherly Sun naturally rules the Masculine Leo, a Fixed Fire sign, and is placed in Feminine Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign whose rulers are the Messenger Mars and Transcending Pluto.  

  The 6th house placement of the Sun shows the area of life, Learning, where the vital energies generated by the Sun focus.  The Sun associated with the 6th house illuminates the meaning of the 6th house.  It does so in the manner discussed in the reading of my Sun sign.  Through my life, this energy of the Sun is evident.  The subject matter of the 6th house, Learning, is the focus of my drive.

     This placement denotes a drive concerning work, service and health.  I am a determined worker, faithful to a task.  This position often leads to success in positions of administrative authority, also in specialized skills requiring expert craftsmanship.

     My health and nutrition are issues of scrupulous concern.  Physical fitness is also an area of major interest to me.  Frequently, my health matters become a major concern and careers in some field related to health and fitness are common when the Sun influence is in the 6th house.

Fixed Quality Fire ElementLeoSUN
Cardinal QualityWater ElelmentCancerMOON
The Sun Squared with the Moon explained...

     Squares occur when two planets are approximately 90 degrees apart.  Squares cause the friction and the hurdles that causes us to grow and become productive.

     The square formed between the Sun and Moon shows conflict in certain aspects of my life.  Self-expression is blocked by emotional hang-ups or habitual patterns that may be inherited or conditioned by my past events.

     Family and domestic affairs keep me from developing the way I would rather at times but I manage to balance by taking my time and being somewhat selfish.  The conditions in my early family environment have caused deeper difficulties in understanding and getting along with women than I would care for but my second half of life learning has assisted greatly.  In relationships I can be too argumentative and defensive.  I need to keep working on getting my monkey off my back sometimes.

     This aspect suggests a conflict between my ego and my emotions.  There is a presence of tension between my outer and inner selves.

Fixed Quality Fire ElementLeo SUN
Cardinal QualityEarth ElementCapricornFixed QualityAir ElementAquariusSATURN

The Sun Trined with Saturn explained...

     A trine occurs when two planets are approximately 120 degrees apart.  Trines bring about ease and comfort.

     A trine formed between the Sun and Saturn allows me to accept and handle responsibility.  Difficult times in my life result in minimal struggle most of the time.

     I inherently know how to react to problems and take advantage of counteracting opportunities.  I have ambitions although these are not very strong.

     Most of the time I attain success by doing what is right and when the time is right.  Somehow I bring a sense of stability to nearly every situation if I put my energy into it.

     Life is not always a basket of roses, and sometimes I get depressed and deflated.  Yet I can always get reorganized and back on the right track soon enough.

Mutable QualityWater ElelmentPiscesNeptune
Fixed QualityWater ElelmentScorpio SunMarsPluto

19 Degrees and 19 Minutes

Neptune in the 6th House explained...

     Inspirational Neptune naturally rules the Feminine Pisces, a Mutable Water sign, and is placed in Feminine Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign whose ruler is the Transcending Pluto. 

  Neptune's spot in the horoscope shows that area of my life where sacrifices are likely to be necessary.

     Neptune has to do with the psychic.  Its influences are vague, mystical, and dreamlike in nature.  The 6th house that Neptune occupies shows where the higher spiritual forces make their presence felt and where I am unrealistic sometimes.

     Neptune in the 6th house suggests a strong association with the work environment, the need to provide assistance to others, and health.  I may have a spiritual compulsion to help.

     This placement denotes glamorous illusions relating to the work attitude.  At times, I have difficulty concentrating on mundane jobs and attending to details.  As well, I have trouble getting organized and holding to practical objectives.  Routine work can be a problem for me.  

     Because of my abnormal sensitivity, drugs, alcohol, and medications need to be used appropriately.  Strong aromas, like those from paint thinner, nail polish remover, and certain perfumes, need to be avoided as soon as possible.

Mutable QualityAir ElementGeminiMutable QualityEarth ElementVirgoMercury
Fixed QualityWater ElelmentScorpio SunMarsPluto
28 Degrees and 28 Minutes

Mercury in the 6th House explained...

     Messenger Mercury naturally rules both the Masculine Gemini, a Mutable Air sign and the Feminine Virgo, a Mutable Earth sign, and is placed in Feminine Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign whose ruler is the Transcending Pluto. 

     Mercury's placement in the 6th house of Learning provides information about the practical side of my mind and the way I communicate with those around me.  It targets the topics of greatest mental activity and interest I desire.  Mercury residing in the 6th house produces an association with the 6th house of service and health affairs.  This position shows an ability to be methodical and efficient in handling work of a mental nature.

     I become involved in work requiring specialized mental or physical skills such as working with computers or electronic devices; my first half of life vocation was an internet specialist.  Sometimes I can be too precise and I can easily become too much of a worrier.  At times, I am too concerned with duty, health, or proper diet.  I have a critical nature that can be upset by disorder in my environment - relaxation and meditation practice have served me well.

Mutable QualityEarth ElementVirgoMercury
Mutable QualityFire ElementSagittariusJupiter
05 Degrees and 00 Minutes

South Node - The Dragon's Tail

     My South Node of the Moon, the Dragon's Tail, resided at 05 degrees and 00 minutes in Sagittarius which is in a state of Exaltation (03 degrees); a sense of a second home or dignity of position in the Heavens.  This also creates a state of Exaltation for my North Node of the Moon, the Dragon's Head, which resided at 05 degrees and 00 minutes in Gemini in my 12th House, the House of The Unconscious.

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