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My Teacher SATURN - Planet of Karma

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My Teacher SATURN - Planet of Karma

     The sign in which Saturn resides in my birth chart shows the expression of my disciplinary energies. It's naturally associated with Capricorn and Aquarius and its natural homes, the 10th and 11th Houses of Career and Hopes. Masculine Saturn, the 6th and second largest planet, takes 28-30 years to move through the 12 signs of the zodiac spending up to 2 1/2 years in each as it completes its solar orbit so it can reside in all Zodiac signs.

  Saturn is associated with restrictions and obstacles. These frustrating or inhibiting aspects of life are expressed through the sign that Saturn occupies in my chart. Since the planet remains in each sign for two and a half years, these are traits I may share with most of my contemporaries. Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of professional life, honor, fame, and success in the eyes of the world at large. Thus, the placement of Saturn denotes the approach to climbing the ladder of success or the difficulties encountered on that ladder.

Cardinal QualityEarth ElementCapricornFixed QualityAir ElementAquariusSATURN
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Saturn, Father Time, in Pisces explained...

  At my birth, October 31 - Halloween, my Teacher Saturn resided in my 10th House of Career and in Mutable Pisces, the Watery 12th sign of the Zodiac, at 10 degrees and 37 minutes Retrograde and in a Peregrine state. 

     Saturn in Pisces produces a sensitivity in my dealing with the world at large. When making my way in the world I can feel vulnerable and defenseless. This a depressive placement that can make me feel a little paranoid sometimes, often looking on the dark side of a situation rather than the bright side.

  I may often feel like I am a victim of circumstance or a martyr of sorts. If properly channeled my sensitive side can be a plus.

  The productive aspect of this placement is in the ability to exercise compassion in society with a pragmatic approach. My road to success is in the artistic, spiritual, and the psychic. As I age religious beliefs may be the cornerstone of my life, filling a need for structure and security.

  My test in life may be one of developing more confidence in my innate abilities. I need to learn to trust and get in touch with my Unconscious; the source of my creativity is hidden there. 

     Saturn has been observed in the Heavens since ancient times, but only in 1610 had it been seen with a telescope by Galileo. My Saturn resided in Pisces from December 15, 1964 through March 3, 1967.  Not since the 1930's had Saturn been in Pisces last.

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