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The Planetary Bodies

My Illuminating URANUS in Virgo - Planet of Rebellion

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My Illuminating URANUS - Planet of Rebellion

     The sign in which Uranus resides in my birth chart shows the expression of my "new way of looking at things" energy. It's naturally associated with Aquarius and its natural home, the 11th House of Hopes and Friendships. Sometimes  Masculine, sometimes Feminine, Androgynous Uranus, the 7th planet, takes 84 years to move through the 12 signs of the zodiac spending about 7 years in each as it completes its solar orbit so it can reside in all Zodiac signs.

  On the one hand, Uranus is associated with enlightenment and objectivity; on the other, irresponsibility and subjectivity. These "tug of war" aspects of life are expressed through the sign that Uranus occupies in my chart. Since the planet remains in each sign for 7,year these are traits I may share with most of my contemporaries. Uranus is the natural ruler of the 11th house of hopes, wishes, ideals, and friendships. Thus, the placement of Uranus denotes the approach towards a Utopian or Bohemian society depending on how creativity and freedom are exercised.

Fixed Quality Air ElementAquariusUranus
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URANUS, God of the Heavens, in Virgo explained...

  At my birth, October 31 - Halloween, my Illuminating Uranus resided in my 4th House of Home and in Mutable Virgo, the Earthy 6th sign of the Zodiac, at 18 degrees and 19 minutes and in a Peregrine state. 

     The characteristics of each of the outer planets are social rather than personal and I am connected to those contemporaries born in the same Uranus time span. Its influences appear in the way that the group born during a period display their rebellious spirit, desire for freedom, and need to effect change as they grow older.

     Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781 and my Uranus resided in Virgo from August 10 1962 through September 28, 1968.  Not since the 1880's had Uranus been in Virgo last.

  The outer planet of Uranus is not so much about individual personalities as it is about the "mini-generation" of people all born under the same Uranus sign. 

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