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The Planetary Bodies

My Messenger MERCURY - Planet of Communication

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My Messenger MERCURY - Planet of Communication

  Mercury's sign describes my thought processes and projections. It's naturally associated with Gemini and Virgo and its natural homes, the 3rd and 6th Houses of Learning and Communication.  Mercury is the 1st planet and because of its 88 day solar orbit, Mercury is never more than one Zodiac sign (30 degrees) from the Sun, yielding only 3 possible signs. Because Masculine Gemini is my Rising Sign and its natural ruler is Mercury, Masculine Mercury is also the planetary ruler of my entire natal chart.

   Interestingly, Mercury is neither Masculine or Feminine energy but assumes the gender of the sign it is in.

     Mercury is the indication of my general intellectual orientation and the expression of my thoughts and ideas. In other words, it describes the way I think and communicate and the way I get information. Mercury also shows how I like to travel through life. When prudence is required I am the speedster who takes the most direct route; when not required, I amble and get side-tracked quite easily as my mind wanders and absorbs life - stopping to smell the roses stuff.

     In Greek (Roman) mythology Hermes (Mercury) is the god of commerce and trickery and in astrology the similarity is the same. In the various Zodiac signs, the nature of how I deal with people is modified and clarified by Hermes (Mercury). With Mercury in a different sign than that of my Sun, the character of the Sun is often overcome by the profitable tug of Hermes (Mercury).

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Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, in Scorpio explained...

  At my birth, October 31 - Halloween, my Messenger Mercury resided in my 6th House of Learning and in Fixed Scorpio, the Watery 8th sign of the zodiac, at 28 degrees and 28 minutes and in a Peregrine state. Here Mercury in Scorpio produces a mind that is secretive, investigative, and probing. My method of expression is positive and maybe a little intolerant, skeptical, and suspicious. As a deep, swift, and penetrating thinker, I can dig into the core of any issue with little wasted time or effort. My intuitive mind is capable of profound insights.

  I am very good at keeping secrets. Plans and schemes are often carried on in secret. I am also very good at digging out secrets and getting to the bottom of complex issues. Thus, with this placement I have the skills of a detective, an investigator, and a researcher.

  There is much analytical and scientific ability with Mercury in Scorpio because of my innate curiosity. I am so perceptive that I "know" the unseen weaknesses and strengths of people with whom I come in contact. I have a way of seeking hidden truths and perhaps, I believe, the hidden secrets of life itself.

  I can be very incisive with my tongue or with my pen. Often using sharp language, I refuse to mince words or show much concern for the feelings of others. I either say exactly what I am thinking or I remain completely silent.

  I can be very stubborn in my mental determination and tenacity. My adaptability is limited in an intellectual sense because my highly emotional approach often has me prejudiced and focused on a set objective. 

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