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The Planetary Bodies

My Fatherly Sun

Fixed Quality Fire ElementLeo SUN
My Fatherly SUN - The Planet of Self

  My chart reading will begin with the Sun as the primary focus of my natal astrological chart. The Masculine Sun spends approximately one month in each sign of the Zodiac. It's naturally associated with Leo and its natural home, the 5th House of Creativity.

     The Sun's position in the zodiacal heavens is very important and deserves first consideration. It's the core of my individuality, my Spirit; my overriding psychic nature, and sense of will. This is the influence that describes the "me" that is trying to become in this lifetime. This is my "awake" side, my Conscious, and outwardly-directed individuality. Thus, the Sun is my most important single indicator, fueling my total personality. The nature of my Sun sign is my true color that I put on display to the world day in and day out.

Fixed Quality Water ElelmentScorpio SunMarsPluto
08 Degrees, 29 Minutes, and 32 Seconds

My Scorpion Sun explained....

  The Sun resides in Scorpio, the Fixed Watery 8th sign of the zodiac, from October 23 through November 21-22 each year. At my birth, October 31 - Halloween, my  Apollonian and Fatherly Sun resided in my 6th House of Learning at 08 degrees, 29 minutes, and 32 seconds and in a Peregrine state. Ancient symbols for Scorpio are the Scorpion, the Eagle, the Phoenix, and the Dove. Mars and Pluto co-rule Scorpio; Mars from the ancient days and Pluto since its discovery in 1930. In Roman mythology Mars (Ares in Greek mythology) is the God of War and Pluto (Hades in Greek mythology) is the God of the Underworld.

  Like all Water signs, Scorpio is very sensitive and emotional. With Scorpio, unlike the other two Water signs which have "rolling seas" as a metaphor, Cancer and Pisces, my emotions, more the "still waters run deep" kind, remain under semi-rigid control and may not even be apparent to those who are very close to me. When my emotions do erupt, they can do so very violently like a volcano, often with a strong burst of sarcasm and vindictiveness. At times, embarrassingly so.

  The strength of Scorpio is in the methods employed to meet every challenge. I approach almost everything with intensity and passion. Generally, nothing is halfway because I put most everything I have in my objective; mind, heart, body, and soul. I am one of those people who almost always gives 100% and sometimes too much. Many born under Scorpio become classic workaholics which, fortunately, I have been able to avoid.

  At times I have an undesirable trait commonly found in the Scorpio person, holding a grudge longer than necessary. My shadowside of Scorpio is often possessed with uncontrollable jealousies and the strongest of passions. When offended, my reaction is heading towards revenge. My more divine side of Scorpio dominates those around me and select environmental situations, but with much for the common good as I believe it to be. Early in my life, I was a lukewarm man; I was either very bad or very good. With luck and age this trait has balanced out for the better.

  In Scorpio, the Sun is intense, skeptical, and secretive. There is an intensity and a secretiveness in my makeup which results in an inscrutable persona most people cannot penetrate. This trait makes my Scorpio personality hard to detect. I like to remain incognito and do so with a very secretive nature. I am a master at hiding my emotions. I neither flinch nor blush. It's hard for me to share my inner feelings with anyone, but again, luck and age have served me well.

  I can be very critical and demanding, creating a forceful and dominating demeanor. I am strong-willed and determined, and usually act with incisiveness. My critical nature allows me to make shrewd and unusually accurate judgments at a rapid clip. I can penetrate the hidden agenda of those I meet. It is in my nature to protect myself by knowing what my opponents are thinking and doing. I have an uncanny intuitive function and an unusually accurate perceptive ability, making me almost psychic in understanding and making emotional connections with other people. Very few successfully earn my trust. Often, I experience difficulties with the authority figures in my life.

  At home, I may be something akin to a tyrant, wanting things done my way. I think I am always right and toleration of dissent is challenging. There is a tendency for me to impose my will and opinion on friends and family since I feel so passionately that my ideas are in their best interest. No one takes relationships more serious than I do. Although I am highly attracted to, and attractive to, the opposite sex, in many respects I function better as a "lone wolf" type which is not necessarily in my best interests especially as I age and desire companionship.

The SUN and MOON combined

Fixed Quality Fire ElementLeoSUN
Cardinal QualityWater ElelmentCancerMOON
My Fatherly SUN and Motherly MOON combined

Fixed Quality Water ElelmentScorpio SunMarsPluto
Fixed Quality Air ElementAquarius MoonSATURNUranus
My Scorpio Sun and Aquarius Moon explained...

  The combination of my Sun sign and my Moon sign may create a rather quiet exterior, but inwardly there is a great deal of mental pressure and a constant flow of undercurrents; something akin to an internal hurricane.

  I often seem to be absorbed in another sphere of existence, above being actively involved in mundane activities surrounding me. This combination blends the emotional force, determination and will power of Scorpio, with the originality, ingenuity and friendliness of Aquarius.

  I have a strong will and deeply fixed attitudes and ideas. Keen judgment of human nature and the ability to sense the motives of others gives me a very good knack for handling people. But I can be a tough bossy type, for once I lose respect for someone's ability to think and reason I have little use for them. Almost never showing this outwardly, I can usually be quite polite and civil while feeling scorn and disgust. I don't believe in discriminating against most so I hide the intolerance I feel.

  I have an inclination towards adulation, but unless I feel that I deserve it, I am bending towards resentment to people that flatter and compliment unnecessarily. I have the ability to influence people and as I progress up the ladder of life I am apt to become surrounded by "yes people", for whom I can hold little respect. Shallowness or superficiality completely lose me.

  I have a profound mind that is broad and tolerant (at least in theory) and quite creative. Pride is strongly marked in my nature and I set great store by intellectual and artistic accomplishment. There is a depth to my nature and my emotions that few can understand without time spent. I am keenly proficient at observation, analysis, imagining, and creating thanks to a keen intuitive function. 

My Planets

My Planets

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