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The Personal Houses - 1st through 6th


The House of Finances and Material Resources

Fixed QualityEarth ElementTaurusVenus

  The 2nd house, a Succedent house, is the house of Materialism and is naturally associated with the Feminine Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign, and its ruler is Beautiful Venus which also rules the Masculine Libra, a Cardinal Air sign, placed in my 5th and 6th house.

     The 2nd house relates to personal possessions and general prosperity. It deals with my sense of values and how I view my security. Factors associated with the 2nd house tend to show how I acquire and how I spend my material resources. The house also relates how important these assets are in my life.

Cardinal QualityWater ElelmentCancerMOON
03 Degrees and 34 Minutes

Cancer in the 2nd House explained...

  Cancer is naturally associated with the Feminine, is a Cardinal Water sign, and its ruler is the Motherly Moon.  My Moon is placed in the 9th house and in the sign of Aquarius, a Fixed Air sign, where Uranus and Saturn co-rule.

     The influence of Cancer in the 2nd house shows that I am protective of my financial assets and possessions. The sign Cancer suggests an emotional quality. I won't be extravagant, except perhaps when in matters of the home and family.

  I am very adaptable and receptive to the people around me and I instinctively perceive their needs. I can naturally derive income from some form of commerce. My income can be closely keyed in some way to whims of the public and can fluctuate a good deal. I have a basic fear of insecurity; yet even with this fear I am a generous person. Emotional and financial affairs are very much interrelated in my nature.

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