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  In this part of my reading I will touch upon the 12 houses of the horoscope in a general sense as well as how those placements pertain to myself at birth. The houses of the zodiac describe the 12 areas of life in which everyone operates on a daily basis. I will touch upon how I am likely to react and handle each of these areas of life according to my unique personality and the specific traits described as the Inner me.

  The horoscope is divided into 12 houses. Each house relates to a specific part of one's life. My reading will consider each house by discussing the zodiac sign influencing the house. I also will discuss the influence emerging when one or more planets occupy the houses and the sensitive aspects formed between these bodies.

  In constructing an accurate horoscope the time of day must be known to establish properly the Rising sign or Ascendant. The Rising sign is the sign of the zodiac positioned on the eastern horizon (on the cusp of the first house) at birth. The correctness of this point is critical in constructing and interpreting my chart. The Ascendant and the zodiac sign on each of the 12 houses details the outer me.

My Personal Houses

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My Collective Houses

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10th House | 11th House | 12th House

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