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The Planetary Bodies

My Beautiful VENUS - Planet of Love and Money

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My Beautiful VENUS - Planet of Love and Money

  The planet Venus has an influence centered on the expression of emotions in personal relationships, especially pleasurable ones - not so much sexual as sensual. It's naturally associated with Taurus and Libra and its natural homes, the 2nd and 7th Houses of Finances and Marriage.  Feminine Venus is the 2nd planet and because of its 225 day solar orbit, Venus is never more than two Zodiac signs (45 degrees) from the Sun, yielding only 5 possible signs. 

     Venus is especially associated with love, marriage, and the ability to attract others. Its placement in my chart shows how I express myself in romantic relationships and in marriage.

     In Greek (Roman) mythology Aphrodite (Venus) is the goddess of love and in astrology the similarity is the same. In the various Zodiac signs, the nature of how I deal with people is modified and clarified by Aphrodite (Venus). With Venus in a different sign than that of my Sun, the character of the Sun is often overcome by the romantic tug of Aphrodite (Venus).

Fixed QualityEarth ElementTaurusCardinal QualityAir ElementLibraVenus
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Venus, Goddess of Love, in Sagittarius explained...

  At my birth, October 31 - Halloween, my Beautiful Venus resided in my 7th House of Marriage and in Mutable Sagittarius, the Fiery 9th sign of the zodiac, at 24 degrees and 58 minutes and in a Peregrine state. 

     Venus in Sagittarius in my chart produces affections that are very demonstrative and friendly. I have a rather carefree attitude toward relationships and I am not the most dependable where affections are concerned.

  I am humorous, sociable, and flirty. Outgoing and personable, I am very friendly and sometimes not too serious. There is a strong love of personal freedom in my nature that makes it a little hard for me to settle down to a restrictive sort of relationship although luck and age have wisened me up.

  I feel more comfortable in a relationship when things go slowly and my partner doesn't get too serious, too fast. I prefer my lover relationships stay casual and romantic with pressures of serious love to age like a fine wine; after all, how long does it really take to get to know someone? Threats to my freedom make me nervous. It's hard for me to take my eye off of possible escape routes when things seem to be heating up and I feel myself being hemmed in when inappropriate.

  I am honest and idealistic in my dealings with others. Strong in my beliefs, I must find a partner sharing most of my views or I will surely try to convert my chosen to my way of thinking. I don't hold back on my feelings and it is rarely difficult to figure out my stand on emotional issues.

  The key to my romantic nature is friendship. I am upbeat and easy to like. As a friend and lover, I am the ideal partner for that lucky open-minded woman who can accept me on my own terms and respect my need for space. 

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